Linear 'pick and place' feeder for big bags

The machine has been designed for pick and place feeding of large products, such as paper bags, foil bags, cut pieces of foil for coding with use of labeling units, inkjets, laser printers.

Products in stacks arrive to separation station. 'Pick and place' system separates them from stacks and transfers one-by-one on the conveyor, which transfers them to coding section.

The products are transported on the conveyor with high friction belts. To eliminate unrequired movment during transport, additional top-belts are mounted on the conveyor.

Once the products are coded, they are collected back in stacks at the outfeed end of the conveyor.

It is possible to equip the conveyor with rotating unit, allowing two side coding of products.

Technical parameters:

- range of dimensions of fed products: from A4 to 1.000 x 500 mm

- range of thicknesses of fed products: 0-10 mm

- control unit: PLC-class control unit