Kraus Joker Mailing thick products feeder

Joker Mailing unit was designed for feeding different products of thickness up to 30 mm.

Its additional advantage is equipping with vacuum unit mounted in the end section, assuring fixed position of product before its feeding.

Advantages of the machine:

- easy adjustment of fed products height

- easy adjustment of pressure of belt in the end section

- robust construction of machine

- integrated LCD display

- drive: servo motor

Machine parameters:

- feeding speed: up to 150 m/min
- size of products: min. 50 x 50 mm, max. 350 x 320 mm
- maximum product thickness: 30 mm
- product magazine: 600 mm
- weight of products 60 g/m2
- control box: PLC-class

Options available:

- feeding width: up to 1000 mm
- specially designed length of feeding section

- double feed detection: electromechanic or ultrasonic
- autoloader: 500-3000 mm, in 500 mm steps, with or without vertical product magazine

- sensors: level control in the product magazine

- signal: signal lamps in different colors or acoustic signals
- chassis: mobile, optionally with electrical height adjustment