Most price-effective solution, Joker Eco friction feeder

Joker Eco is the basic model out of the Joker feeder family and the proper start-up version with matchless cost-performance-ratio, unique for easy feeding applications.

 Adjustment and handling is as comfortable and easy as for all fricition feeders out of the Joker product range.

 After a short training the adjustment of the feeder can be done easily, even by persons without technical background. This feature makes Joker extremely user friendly, and time and money saving.

 Basic technical data:

- feeding width: 350 mm (special sizes on request)
- reproducible and easy adjustment of product gap (thickness of product)
- single feeding

- robust design

- servo motor

- tooth belt drive

- photo sensor for product counting and check of missing, jammed or double products

- continuously adjustable feeding speed

- reproducible adjustment of product magazine

- compact design with integrated control system

 Machine parameters:
- feeding speed: up to 50 m/min
- power input: 230 VAC, 50 Hz, 300 VA
- control box: microcontroller with PLC interface
- maximum product thickness: 0-10 mm standard
- size of products: min. 50 x 50 mm, max. 350 x 320 mm
- paper quality: min. 60 g/m² unfolded or folded, depending on product
- product magazine: 150 mm

 Options available:

- feeding width: individual width, max. 1050 mm
- exit extension: 150-300-500 mm or individual length, 90° elbow
- autoloader: 500-3000 mm, in 500 mm steps, with or without vertical product magazine
- sensors: start photo sensor
- signal: signal lamps in different colors or acoustic signals
- chassis: mobile, optionally with electrical height adjustment
- vacuum support: with vacuum pump or venutri principle (multiejector)