Kraus feeder for assmebly in folding-gluing machines

Specially designed mounting unit allows assembly of feeder in most of polygraphic folding-gluing machines.
In addition, end section of the feeder makes the access to almost each surface of glued carton extremely easy.

Advantages of the feeder:

Unit's mounting brackets allow its assembly for feeding almost every type of additional informative materials, i.e. leaflets. In addition, set of adjusting wheels gives a possibility of change of feeder's angle.

It is also possible to deliver the mounting set together with control unit, allowing storing of position of the feeder.

Ground column might be equipped with castors, assuring moveability of the whole set.

Easy adjustment of both position of the feeder and its parameters make the complete machine extremely easy to use.

Advanced control unit results in a very precise operation, even with high capacities. At the same time, the adjstuments are so simple, that can be done even by unqualified operators.

According to customer's requirement, the control unit can also be equipped with glue feeding section control, giving further reduction of the price of the complete set.