Machine for coding small folded cartons

Machine designed for feeding of folded cartons on the surface of conveyor with pushers, transporting them to coding station (for example: inkjet printer).

Use of this method of transport assures ideal positioning of cartons for printing and repeatable printing.

Thanks to mounting the feeder of the products 90 degrees in respect to the direction of conveyor movement, the whole machine is very ergonomic in construction.

In the end section of the machine an outfeed station can be placed, in which the printed products are collected.

Machine was built for coding of folded cartons, but can also work on other sheet products such as postcards, envelopes, etc.

Basic technical data:

- range of dimensions of products that can be fed: from 80 x 120 mm to 500 x 350 mm

- product speed during printing: up to 60 m/min

- the machine can work both in continuous and intermittent mode

- control unit: PLC class