'Two in One' - set of several product feeders on collating lines

'Two (or more) in One' sets are used for collating packages where different components have to be fed by several Kraus feeders to create one set.

 Advantages of solution:

Synchronization of two or more feeders is possible both on vacuum convyeor and on standard conveyor with pushers (both types of conveyors can be supplied together with feeders).

For vacuum conveyors, it is possible to adjust timers of electrovalves and by this - adjusting the time of stop and movements of sets.

Electrically driven feeders' columns allow easy adjustment of feeders height in relation to conveyor height.

 Description of operation:

Main Kraus feeder, mounted 'on top' of the collating line feeds the main product on vacuum conveyor. Product is being transported downstream the whole machine.

If necessary, next product can be glued to the base one by means of hot-melt system.

Next product is being fed on top of the base one by the following feeder.

Work speed of feeders is synchronized. Collated set is being transported towards the end of the machine, where can be collected or forwarded to next stages of production line.

 Machine characteristics:

- standard dimensions of fed products: min. 60 x 60 mm, max. 300 x 350 mm (depending on chosen model of feeder; other ranges of fed products available on customer's request)

- standard width of vacuum conveyor: 500 mm

- work speed: 150 m/min (depending on fed product)

- continuous or step-by-step operation possible

- control unit: PLC-class

- complete machine can be equipped with two or more feeders, glueing unit, labeling unit, inkjet printer