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Collator for closure labelling

kraus machine

Aplication: For collating various booklets, leaflets or similar products with subsequent closure labelling. Chiefly used where multiple products in different languages have to be assembled.   Benefit: The ingenious retainer system makes it possible to achieve taut lateral labelling even on thick outserts. Thanks to the precise guidance and associated...

KRAUS JoKer Warehouse Feeder

kraus warehouse

Description of the job:
Presented solution allows to feed the products of the different thickness, height or the structure (paper, thermoshrink foil) without any rearrangements required.

Automatic line for opening, labelling, inserting and welding of sachets with anti-coronavirus (Covid-19) tests


Description of the job: Automatic feeding, labelling, opening, inserting and welding of sachets with quick tests for coronavirus (Covid-19) in one operation. Advantages: All above described operations are done in one process, on compact and price attractive machine. Functionality: Stack of sachets is placed in upstream feeder. Sachets are...


Automatic feeding systems for beer industry

podawarka ulotek

Description of the job: Automatic application and dispensing of labels or advertising inserts on top of beer barrels and inside beer crates. Advantages: Thanks to short and tool-free set-up times, the machines can be used for small batches of products to be marked or promoted. Variable transfer units allow application of labels in different formats...

Machine for creating multipacks, integratated with banding system

kraus machine

Description of the job: Single products are scanned and later on grouped as multipacks. With use of QR codes full traceability is assured (both for single products, as well as for multipacks). Advantages: Each single product is checked at the begining of the process. The products can be delivered to the machine both in manual and automatic infeed mode....

Quality inspection line for large-sized cardboard boxes

inspection line

Presented solution can be applied in the systems that require verification of the cardboard boxes according to their shape, dimensions and die-cuts accuracy. The biggest advantage of the appliance is the possibility to eliminate products of the poor quality without any decrease in the production’s capacity. The products are transported by the conveyor...

Eme special system 1: labeling of sandwich packs

Application of the system: Labeling of triangle-shaped packs with sandwiches, with a possibility of real-time printing of labels. Advantages of the system: Triangle-shaped packs with sandwiches arrive to the conveyor of the system. Specially designed sideguides take over the packages and keep them on both sides. Descriptive label...