Collator for closure labelling

maszyna KRAUS


For collating various booklets, leaflets or similar products with subsequent closure labelling. Chiefly used where multiple products in different languages have to be assembled.



The ingenious retainer system makes it possible to achieve taut lateral labelling even on thick outserts. Thanks to the precise
guidance and associated adjustment options, the product stack is precisely aligned. The closure mechanism draws the labels around the edges of the product, precisely connecting the product stack. After each feeder, the product is checked by a corresponding camera and can be reliably ejected at the end of the line by the integrated rejection station, by way of the shift register.


Description of function:

The feeders reliably feed the booklets into the studded conveyor belt of the collator. After each feeder, there is a corresponding camera system, which checks the code on the product. The collated product stack is then transferred to the
labelling area and provided with a label on its left and right sides in the running direction, as it passes. The special closing
stations then lead the labels around the edges of the product and press them on, producing a precise package for handover
to the delivery device.



Minimal format: 30 x 45 mm

Maximal format: 150 x 150 mm
Speed 200 cycles per minute for a moderate-sized format
PLC control system with appropriate interfaces
Continuous operation

Operation of the device is presented on our YouTube channel: