Rotary 'pick and place' feeder

Rotary pick and place feeders are used for products which, due to their shape, cannot be transferred by means of standard, moveable belts. The ideal examples of the products are PE foil bags (with or without closure), products consisting of several components or products of irregular shapes.

Use of pneumatic product grippers solves the problem of adjustment of the machine whenever thickness of products changes.

An additional advantage is a possibility of transfering of products in exact, precise place.

Technical parameters:

standard dimensions of fed products: min. 40 x 40 mm, max. 210 x 150 mm
- standard range of thicknesses of fed products: 0-8 mm
- capacity: 40 cycles/min.
- control unit: PLC-class control unit

Options available:
- different dimensions of fed products

- non-standard position of pneumatic grippers (for products of irregular shapes)

- sensors controling amount of products in the feeder's magazine

- light and sound signals of machine's status

- moveable machine's base