Semi-automatic labeling machine for wet-glue label application

butelka w etykieciarce

Table-top wet glue labeling machine, made of stainless steel, was designed for application of any cylindrical labels of diameter in a range 20-160 mm.

Rollers responsible for rotation of bottles are mounted on bearings and thanks to that they are prepared for stable and durable operation, even in longterm operation.

The product is placed by the operator in horizontal position on driven rollers and simultaneously the label is fed from the magazine. Its back side is covered with glue and applied on the circumference of products.

The machine is equipped with two separate drive units; one responsible for driving the product rollers and another one - for feeding of labels.

Both label magazine and glue roller are easy removable (for cleaning process).

On special request from the customer, typical characterstics of the machine can be modified according to his needs and requirements.

Basic technical data:

- minimum width of applied label: 50 mm

- range of diameters of containers that can be labeled: 20-160 mm

- capacity: 600-800 pieces/h (depending on skills of the operator)

- feeding of lables: through foot pedal

- power supply: 230 VAC, 130 W

- dimensions: 32 x 38 x 41 cm

- weight: 20 kg

Options available:

- automatic start of label application

- possibility of application of second label oriented to the first label, already applied on the product

- possibility of saving labeling settings

- possibility of counting labeled products






butelka w etykieciarce 1