Semi-automatic labeling machine for application of self-adhesive lable on square and rectangular containers

Machine designed for labeling of square and rectangular containers, but also can be used for flat products (for example cards and envelopes).

Maszyna allows application of labels up to 165 mm high.

Product is placed for labeling in special nest. Label is applied by means of pneumatic piston transfering label on pad on the surface of the product.

After application of labels product has to be manually collected from the nest by the operator.

The machine can be modified according to special needs of the customer.

Basic technical data:

- maximum height of applied label (in standard version of the machine): 165 mm

- dimensions: 35 (w.) x 55 (l.) x 45 (h.) cm

- weight: 26 kg

- power supplz: 230 VAC, 100 W

- compressed air supply: 4 bars

- capacity: 600-800 pieces/h. (depending on skills of the operator)