Semi-automatic labeling machine for application of self-adhesive labels from two rolls on cylindrical containers


Machine designed for application of self-adhesive labels fed from two separate rolls on the front and back of cylindrical containers.

The unit allows application of labels on various containers of circumfence in the range 20-180 mm.

Application process starts from placing the containers in horizontal position on driven rollers.

Then operator enters the diameter of the container, width of front label and width of back label and the machine automatically positions and applies both of them.

On the request of the customer the machine can be equipped with hot-foil coder allows printing of production data, such as best before date, batch number, etc. on the surface of one of labels.

Basic technical data:

- maximum diameter of applied labels (in standard version): 160 mm

- dimensions: 33 (w.) x 126 (l.) x 86 (h.) cm

- weight: 60 kg

- power supply: 3 motors, 230 VAC each, 150 W

- production capacitz: 600-800 pieces/h. (depending on skills of the operator)