Semi-automatic Eme SO2120 labeling system (round and oval containers, seal labels)

etykietowana butelka

Eme semi-automatic labeling machine was designed for customers searching for price attractive solutions assuring high labeling quality.

The unit is based on standard Eme 2120 labeler, mounted on specially designed base plate, allowing the complete set to be placed on the work table.

In front of labeler product handling system is mounted.

The product is being placed on horizontal rollers. Their mounting brackets allow easy adjustment, depending on the diameter of the container.

The next step after placing the product on the rollers is pressing the Start button, which will cause the dispensing beak going down towards the product by means of pneumatic piston. The beak will feed the label on the surface of rotating product.

Apart from standard configuration of the machine (for application of labels on the circumference of round bottles) there are also two alternative versions available:

- for application of labels on the sides of oval based containers

- for application of seal labels on the containers

Basic technical data:

- Range of widths of fed labels: from 20 to 120 (2120 model) or 200 (2200 model) mm

- Range of lenghts of fed labels: from 20 to 250 mm

- Work speeds: 0-35 (2120 model) or 0-30 (2200 model) m/min

- Maximum external diameter of label roll: 270 mm

- Control unit memory: 45 different label settings

- Range of diameters of labeled products: 20-100 mm

- Maximum height of labeled products: 200 mm

Options available:

- transparent label sensor

- orientation function (allows application of label in a certain place)

- HS or TT printer

- floorstand