Modular pallet robot

Modular pallet robot serves two palletizing stations with. It places products on one pallet and when the pallet is full, the products are stored on the second one.

Doubled modular robot can place the same products on two pallets standing side by side. When first pallet is full, the products are being placed on the second one. This gives the operator plenty of time for pallet replacement, thus decreasing unnecessary production stops.

Also, modular pallet robot is able to palletize two different products, each of them on separate pallet. Both types of products can be transported on the same conveyor and specially prepared sensors inform the robot on which pallet the box should be stored.

Another way of use of modular pallet robot is serving two different conveyors. Products transported on each of them are being stored on separate pallet.

In addition, modular pallet robot can be equipped with system placing carton separators between each layer of boxes. If separation of layer is needed, special gripped lifts the separator and automatically places it on top of the boxes.