Automatic pallet wrapper PW 1200

Stretch-wrapper designed for integration with automatic production lines, with foil cutter and special device pressing the foil onto pallet load surface..

 Standard equipment:
- inverter controlled turning speed of turntable, which adjust the machine to different types of pallet load (especially important for light or delicate products) turntable starts slowly and increases the speed up to the one set in control unit
- control programme feeds pallets in and collects out of the turntable
- top pressure plate to hold the pallet load during wrapping
- driven roller conveyor on turntable
- foil break or foil end alarm system
- brake motor stopping the turntable in required position
- pre-stretch mode 2:1

Mode of operation:

- control system ensures high efficiency at the low costs as it is user-friendly and easy to operate
- adjustable number of wraps at top and bottom (1 to 9)
- independent settings of foil carriage and turntable speed during operation
- number of current wraps displayed on the control unit
- alternative control systems available in option

 Basic technical data:
- foil inside core: 76 mm
- external foil roll diameter: 400 mm
- foil length: 440-520 m
- capacity: do 35 palet/godz
- power supply: 3 x 400 V; 50Hz
- power consumption: 1,0 kW
- control voltage: 24 V
- pneumatic supply: 6 bar
- compressed air consumption: 11,5 l/cycle

 All parts are powder-paited or electrically galvanized.