Semi-automatic pallet wrapper PW 1100

Semi-automatic pallet stretch-wrapper, adequate for light and heavy pallets, equipped with top pressure plate.

Top pressure plate goes down automatically and holds the pallet load during stretch wrapping. The range of top plate movement is adjustable to the pallet height; that results in reduced operation time.

There are 4 versions available, allowing wrapping of pallets of weight in range between 1000 and 1500 kg, depending on pallet size (range of heights from 1755 to 2255 mm; range of widths from 800 to 1000 mm)

Safety devices:
- emergency switch on the column
- emergency foot switch on the column base plate
- sealed column

Standard equipment:
- independent settings of foil carriage and turntable speed
- slow start of turntable, with gradually increasing turning speed (important for light and delicate products)
- last settings storage
- humidity-proof mode (additional accessories for top foil application required)
- loaded pallet height detection
- adjustable number of wraps at top and bottom (1 to 9)
- manual wrapping mode (enables partial wrapping)

Basic technical data:
- foil inside core: 76 mm
- external foil roll diameter: 400 mm
- foil length: 440-520 m
- power supply: 3 x 230 / 400 V; 50 Hz
- power consumption: 0,5 kW