Thermal-transfer ribbons

taśma barwiąca

Thermal transfer ribbons are a necessary printing material for any logistic purpose in the production process.


Our company is able to deliver these ribbons in different widths - they are adjusted to the widths of labels used by the customer, thus giving the customer the most economic use of the ribbons.


There are following ribbons available in our offer:

- wax ribbon - commonly used for printing on paper labels

- wax-resin ribbon - giving a possibility to achieve extremely high print quality on paper labels

- resin ribbon - used for printing on foil labels


In most cases, black ribbon is used, but for special requirements there are also color ribbons available. Apart from popular colors, such as red or blue, there are also special ones available, such as golden.


Apart from above mentioned standard products, we are also able to deliver special ones, such as:

- ribbons resitant to the influence of production environment (for example ribbons giving print that does not dissapear in case of high temperature and/or oil)

- ribbons used for printing on textile materials

- ribbons used for thermal transfer online printers - direct printing on foil

- ribbons for hot-stamping (used for coding of labels applied directly on the products)