Self-adhesive labels

etykiety na rolce

None of the labelers that we offer is not able to work without its main consumable - self-adhesive labels.

Our offer covers most of commonly used types of labels produced on rolls.

Fur logistic purposes (desktop printers, print and apply units) we offer blank or pre-printed labels (for example with company logo). Labels can be made of basic materials, such as paper or PE foil, but also can meet very specific requirements caused by specific production environment of the end-user, such us high temperature, high humidity, pressence of oil, etc.

For the customers willing to give their products a special look we are able to deliver printed paper or foil labels. Using special techniques, such as cold and hot-stamping, as well as metallic inks will give the labels a very special, unique look.

Apart from that, we are also able to deliver technically complikcated labels, such as booklet labels, labels with scratch-off areas, multipage labels, labels with so called dry glue (glue disappearing immediatly after dispensing the label from the backing paper).

It has to be underlined that constant purchases of labels by the customers who also decided to buy a machine from us can also be attractive, due to the fact that in such case we automatically extend warranty term on the delivered machine.