Spare parts for labelers

koła napędowe

To assure faultless operation of alll labelers they must be properly maintained on everyday basis. Our customers are able to buy spare parts for the machines purchased directly from our company, as well as to these manufactured by other suppliers.

Among stocked parts one can find:

- sensors

- drive and pressure rollers

- motors and gears

- logic boards and power supply units

In addition to above mentioned parts we are also offering components which are not directly connected to everyday maintenance. Their role is to enhance potential of the delivered machine. Among others, the mainly sold are: special sensors (i.e. ultrasonic), logic boards increasing capacity of labelers, etc.

For carousel labelers available in our sales program we are able to deliver additional tools necessary for introduction of new formats of bottles and/or labels, such as:

- label magazines

- worm separators

- infeed and outfeed stars

- brushes for pressing the labels