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Products / Tax strip labelling machines

Roll-to-roll label rewinder

Roll-to-roll label rewinder was designed for the customers looking for a simple, price-attractive solution allowing them to prepare the rolls of labels of requested lengths, as well as checking up the deliveries of labels. Finally, some of them also want to use the rewinder for additional print on surface of labels.

Automatic machine for tax strips application

Rotary tax strips machine has been designed for automatic, inline application in beverage industry (especially for alcohol production). The strips are applied automatically on bottles being transported on the conveyor.

Semi-automatic tax strip labeler

Semi-automatic tax strip labeler has been designed for wet-glue application of tax strips, both in L and in U mode. The machine is prepared for application of most of commonly used tax strips, including typical 15 x 160 mm ones.

Semi-automatic labeling unit for application of cold-glue on the labels

Semi-automatic labeling unit designed for low-capacity of application of wet-glue on the surface of paper labels. The whole labeling process is controlled via foot pedal by the operator. The labels are taken from the feeding magazine and covered with glue on the inner surface.