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Welcome on DMT Packaging sp. z o.o. (LLC) website

DMT Packaging sp. z o.o. (LLC) has been established on 1st of April 2000. One of our foreign suppliers, producer of labeling equipment recommended to create Polish subsidiary of his company, dedicated for promotion of his products on Polish market and post-sales service of our customers.


After several years of operation on the market, the number of our customers was gradually growing. We were also receiving more and more enquiries from them regarding other packaging equipment, that they needed in their production process. That is when we decided that it is necessary to expand our portfolio and searched for suppliers of supplementary machines.


After over a dozen of years we can proudly say that we are successfully working with a number of foreign companies producing different machines helping in packaging process - to stress this and to give a clear identification of the area the company operatos on we decided to add the word "Packaging" to its name.



Nowadays, our sales program covers:

- labeling equipment, working in different techniques (from simple, linear applicators to heavy duty, carousel labeling machines)

- foil wrapping and foil stretching machines, also giving a possibility of collating products

- machines supporting palletizing process, starting from ones wrapping pallets with stretch foil, machines for placing products on pallets as well as print and apply machines for pallet marking

- manual and stationary bag-closing machines

- friction feeders for feeeding different sheet products


We hope that you will find information on our website highly interesting.


If needed, we are ready to prepare a quotation for a solution that is interesting for you.


What we would also like to draw your attention to is that we are not only selling the machines, but also give a customer full support by:

Some of our customers know exactly what they need. It is so in cases when they buy next machine, which will accompany ones already purchased from DMT Packaging.


Other ones, who used to pack or label their products manually, do not have precise expectations on the configuration of the machine. They only know that they want to apply the label or foil the package.


In such cases it is necessary to recommend a solution which will be optimal from both financial and economical point of view.


Therefore, we are ready to help our customers in search of machine which will fulfill hs needs, regardless of it is simple (like choice of appropriate self-adhesive label) or very complicated process, for example integration of several machines in a complete production line.


If you need answer to any question regarding packaging process or consumables, please contact us under e-mail address or telephone number +48.71.333.22.40.

Delivery of new machine to our customer is not only limited to confirming the order and sending the unit to his factory.


It is highly important to integrate it with other equipment of production line, to assure continuity of production.


In certain cases (eg.: for deliveries of print and apply units) it is necessary to integrate delivered machine with software system used by the customer.


All above mentioned operations are are done by our company during installation of the machine, as we understand it as a full coupling it with existing production line.


During installation process, the operators are also trained in adjusting the machine for new product or label, thus having appropriate knowledge on how to adjust it for new production type.

None of the customers will make a purchase decision without being certain that in case of any problems he will get a necessary help and that his production process will run without any stops.


Due to this, our company treats proper post-sales service of all delivered machines as a priority.


Our service department employees has been trained by qualified technicians of our suppliers and only original spare parts and components are used for service operations.


During installation of machine our technicians also train employees of maintenance department of the customer, thus giving im possibility of quickly diagnosing the problems in operation of the machine for individual removal or giving our service department as precise information as possible.


For immediate removal of the problems, our company keeps a stock of most often purchased spare parts, which can be immediately sent to the customer. Other parts or bigger components can be delivered within few days directly from our suppliers.


Also, a standard procedure of our company is to recommend our customers periodic service visits, assuring them that their production will be done without any stops (it is especially important for the customers working in 3-shift regime.