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Products / Consumables

Thermal-transfer ribbons

Thermal transfer ribbons are a necessary printing material for any logistic purpose in the production process.

Self-adhesive labels

None of the labelers that we offer is not able to work without its main consumable - self-adhesive labels. Our offer covers most of commonly used types of labels produced on rolls.

Threads and filler cords for bag closing machines

Our company is able to offer not only bag-closing machines themselves, but also their main consumable - threads. There are three main types of threads available: - viscose threads: strength 3600 g - polyester threads: strength 7000 g - polypropylene threads: the strongest ones

Crepe tape for bag-closing machines

Using crepe tape together with standard thread is another solution for protecting the sewing line against humidity that might change the status of the contents of the bag. Most of bag-closing machines offered by our company might be optionally equipped with crepe tape feeders, thus easing the bag-closing process.